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My HAPPY Self-Isolation Playlist

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

My relationship with music is strange. I go through periods in my life where music is difficult to listen to. That may sound hard to believe from someone who went to school for Music Theater and makes a living from teaching dance and voice, but it's true. I think it comes down to how music affects me and my mood. I've never been a person who was able to fall asleep to music- I'm too much of an active listener. My brain isn't able to enter "rest mode" when there are complex rhythms and heart-felt lyrics coming from my speakers.

During quarantine, I've found myself in the same position. Except, this time, it's because any song with even the slightest dark undertone will put me in a funk. I couldn't find a playlist without a clunker, so I made my own! (BANGERS ONLY... happy bangers.) If you're in the same boat as me right now- or even if you just need a little background music that won't wreck you morning with... feelings, check out my Spotify playlist, "Kara's Happy Self-Isolation".

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