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My Favorite (non-scam) Places to Buy Swimsuits

It's heating up out there! I LOVE collecting swimsuits. I know you can only wear one at a time... But ever since Victoria's Secret quit selling swimwear, I've been on a hunt to find QUALITY places to get my swimsuit fix. These are some of the best places I've found along the way. Fast shipping, regular sizing, quality material, easy returns, affordability and, of course, style, are all factors that came into play here.


1. Unique Vintage

Darling vintage-style swimsuits with classic cuts and patterns. You're not likely to see these anywhere else on the beach. Plus, your first purchase is always 10% off.

2. Nordstrom Rack

I love Betsy Johnson swimwear- but not at full price. I can often find her swimwear here at a discount. Don't forget to check the clearance section. This is designer swimwear at - often times- a third of the price.

3. ModCloth

Unique patterns are what make these really stand out. Lots of plus size options as well!

4. Aerie

Okay, so I have never actually purchased one of these. But my friend, Clare, has the CUTEST leopard print one piece from Aerie and it looks so good on her. The prices are really unbeatable.

5. Target

Target can be a little more hit or miss- but when you find a good one there, it can be awesome. Not all of the the suits here have accurate sizing- so I actually don't recommend purchasing online. Go into the store and try them on. Always try on 2 different size bottoms- even if you think you only need to try on 1.

Bonus: I'm obsessed with this lace cover-up that my mom gave me for my Birthday this year. You can get it on Amazon: Lace Skirt

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