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Gift Giving Guide 2020

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be time consuming. These are my go-to gifts that can make even the pickiest of people happy. I especially like supporting small business and finding the most unique and thoughtful items out there.


1. For the Foodie-

It's simple. Send food! Know someone who misses Chicago deep dish pizza? (me...) Send them some. Wish you could make them a birthday cake? Send that too. I've used this site to send cookies from Hawaii and Key Lime Pies from Key West. Support local restaurants and make someone's day. These are the best spices have come across. The BEST cinnamon money can buy. The seasoned salt is the only thing I'll put on popcorn. The Chicago style steak seasoning adds a smokey flavor to the blandest of meats.

Loose leaf tea from is simply, the best. Peach Oasis is my #1 fav. Plus, you can order samples.


2. For the Couple-

These robes. These robes! My husband and I have these monogrammed robes and we feel so freaking classy. Get these white, monogrammed robes for a couple who might want to feel like they are living in luxury. When I see my husband in this robe, he looks like he belongs on a million dollar yacht.


3. For the Lover of Tropical Locations-This might be oddly specific- but I bet you know someone who is always trying to escape to a beach somewhere. Do you know me? This is me.

The coolest beach towels come from These are the lightest, softest towels and sand doesn't stick to them. It's amazing. I first found these in a shop in Maui when I was looking for a gift for my sister who was bunny-sitting my pet back in Florida. I bought her one of these and was instantly jealous. My friend, Vanessa ended up sending me one for my Birthday that year and it's my absolute favorite.

I have this beautiful flower hair clip that I'm wearing in the picture above. Every time I wear it out, I get so many complements. Everyone thinks it is made from real flowers. Joke is on them. I got it from this etsy shop.

Do you know someone who might want to smell like vacation? This Tuberose perfume is bottled Hawaii.


4. For That Person Who Likes to be Clean- Everyone.

I can't imagine a human being that wouldn't love this fluffy, luxurious soap from It's like washing your body with a cloud. Plus, it's all natural.

Okay, I said I was sticking to small businesses- but this item is too good to pass up. I love my quip toothbrush. It's small. It's easy to travel with. But best of all- I never have to charge it. They will send you a new toothbrush head and battery on a schedule so that you never even have to think about it.


5. For someone who never misses an episode of The Bachelor-

Do you know someone who is a part of #BachelorNation ? I bet you do. They are out there and they are everywhere and she wants wine and a scrunchie. Bachelor alumni, Kaitlyn Bristowe's brands Dew Edit and Spade and Saprrows has everything she wants.

They are the Ferrari of hair accessories.


6. For the Country Music Lover-

Do them a favor and introduce them to Chasing Denver. They are a married county duo that you can enjoy listening to on Fort Myers Beach or their very active Facebook page where they go live with their living room concerts. They sing the old stuff and the new stuff and some originals to boot. Get them Chasing Denver merch. They are going to be a fan.


7. For the Child-

Have a niece or nephew that wants to meet a real life princess? I bet that's impossible. Guess what? It's not. Support my small business and book a Princess Video chat. It's only $25, guys.


8. For the Guy.

He needs a wallet. Look at his wallet. And probably a key chain, too. Get them here so that they are at least custom. My sister-in-law got my husband one of these key chains and he loves it. It clips to his gym bag and now he never has to dig.


9. Gifts with a Great Cause-

Know someone who already has everything? Get them something that makes a difference.

Every time you buy an item from this site, a mangrove gets planted. Boom!

Make them a member of Captains for Clean Water. Throw in a trucker hat. I have one and they are the bomb.


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