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Gift Giving Guide PART 2!

Christmas is coming UP! Here is part 2 to my original gift giving guide. The effects of Covid have been really hard on small businesses this year. I've tried to focus this list on family operated businesses, etsy shops, and businesses for a cause. These are all items I have personally purchased before, or have received as gifts.


For the young girl- A classic vintage night gown.

These are a good combination of comfortable and gorgeously crafted. Why not go to bed looking like a princess? These classic nightgowns come in multiple sizes and 3 modern colors.


For the woman who likes things simple- Everyday Earrings.

These earrings are dainty, modern, and have a leverback (my new obsession) so that you don't poke yourself with posts if you lay down.


For anyone and everyone- A Spoonful of Comfort.

Send some homemade soup, bread, and cookies for ultimate comfort. This gift is great for occasions beyond Christmas. I send this to friends/family who live far away when I wish I could be there to comfort them in person. Perfect in times or grief (when eating can be difficult) or new parents (when making a meal can feel exhausting), or even just a "get well soon" care package. It comes delivered beautifully packaged as well- with so many options for cute add-ons.


For the girl who is getting into skin care- The Make Up Eraser.

This is pure magic if you are a make up wipe kind of girl. I use make-up wipes out of convenience, but I know that they aren't the best option for the environment, or your skin. The Make Up Eraser fixes these problems and take off all of your make-up with 1 simple ingredient: water.


For the person with a sweet tooth- Giant Cookies.

Restaurants have been some of the hardest hit during the pandemic. Don't forget local restaurant gift cards as an option for your friends and family. The T-Rex Cookie Company in Minneapolis, MN is considered by some the "best cookie in America". And they ship nation wide!


For something that feels custom- Monogramed Gifts Galore.

I was introduced to this site by my sister-in-law and have since used it for SO many different gifts. Adding a monogram to an item can make something feel more specific, and special to the giftee. This site has great items for every member of your family- and is so affordable. I have a purse, a dress, and a yoga matt and the quality is really unbeatable. They also have great sales.


For those trying to use less plastic- Shampoo Bars.

These shampoo bars are natural, they smell great, and they make your hair squeaky clean. These lather up easier than other shampoo bars I've tried. Bonus points for being from a local business in Southwest Florida. I have thin, oily hair and it was recommended to me that I use lighter colored bars. My husband has thick hair and likes to maintain more moisture in his hair, so he uses the darker colored ones.


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