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Best Things on Netflix April, 2020

You probably think you've seen everything you'd want to on Netflix by now. Especially while we are all stuck inside during self isolation. We've all seen or heard about the madness that is Tiger King- so I'm going to try to leave the obvious things out and highlight the movies and shows that might be flying under the radar.


1. Burlesque- 2010

I've been craving movies and tv shows with good music lately. Burlesque is a great distraction. Listen to Christina Aguilara belt her face off. Also- Cher.

2. Click- 2006

Do you need to cry? It seems like a strange thing to ask, but being stuck inside can cause you to bottle up all kinds of tension. Forcing a good cry can be therapeutic, plus your eyes look beautiful when they are all shiny. Did you know Adam Sandler could make you cry? I didn't either. Don't be fooled. This isn't a comedy.

3. Country Strong- 2010

I bet you loved "A Star is Born". It was good, right? Guess what? I like this better. I saw this movie back in 2010 and continued to listen to the music after. It has some moments in it that will be ingrained in my mind forever. There were the little details in this film and complexities that "A Star is Born" was missing.

4. Dinner For Schmucks- 2010

I guess 2010 had a lot of bangers. Dinner For Schmucks is one of those stressful comedies where nothing goes right. You just want to put your hands through the screen and give them all a good shake. You are going to scream at the television. Warn your neighbors!

5. Dumplin'- 2018

Did you miss this Netflix original when it came out in 2018? Time to watch it now. Great acting. Dolly Parton music. Drag Queens. Great story telling.

6. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile- 2019

I love serial killers. Errr... not REALLY. I love learning about them. As an actor who studies human behavior, serial killers are the furthest from what I understand as natural human behavior and it's fascinating. This Ted Bundy movie stars Zac Efron from High School musical. My how times have changed. If you can't get enough, read "The Stranger Beside Me" by Ann Rule. My mom had me read it when I went off to college and it scared the bejeezus out of me. There is also a Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix: "Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes". Also, check out "You" on Netflix- the twists and turns punch you right in the gut. Plus, everyone's talking about it and you want to get the memes, don't you?

7. Hook- 1991

This Robin Williams movie is great if you are craving the comforts of pre-pandemic childhood. Fun Fact: Rufio was my first crush.

8. Good Burger- 1997

When my mom took me to blockbuster, I got this VHS over and over. It was an orange tape and I thought it was SO funny. I wanted to try the Good Burger secret sauce so badly. Plus, this movie is leaving Netflix in May- so this might be your last chance!

9. Jerry Maguire- 1996

Few things are better than a good, 90's romcom. Grab a glass of wine and put this on.

10. Billy on the Street

Look at all of the people outside! Remember that? This is great if you can't focus on anything for more than 20 minutes and need some quick laughs.

11. Blown Away

Are you getting crafty during quarantine? Let this glass-blowing reality tv series inspire you. I have a whole new respect for glass now.

12. Sex Education

This Netflix series has plenty of binge-able episodes to keep you occupied for quite some time. Starts of with some of the freshest humor and keeps you invested with all of the feels.

13. Cheer

It's not JUST a cheerleading documentary. Those kids are athletes and they have overcome some extraordinary things to do what they do. I had to follow them all on instagram afterwards because I'm such a fan.

14. Queer Eye

You've seen all of the Queer Eye eps already, right? If not- binge it. It's perfect for these times because it will inspire you to do stuff you are able to- AT HOME. You're going to want to make all of Antoni's recipies (I bought his cookbook), rearrange your furniture, and do some soul searching after watching this show.

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